Mapping the greek flora


In order to be able to source the highest quality herbs, our plant hunters in collaboration with the Organic Agriculture Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens have mapped out the Greek Flora. Working towards protecting endangered herbs, sustaining plant populations and based on climate and soil conditions, reproduction techniques, planting distance and quantitative yields, this team has selected the ideal cultivation area for every KORRES selected herb.

Having evaluated the findings of our research on the selected plant areas, we develop co-operations based on supporting local communities, community unions and agricultural co-operatives.  Social criteria such as unemployment, underdeveloped rural regions, the need for financial support are a significant part of the process. In other words between two areas that may have achieved the same score in terms of soil and climate, KORRES co-operates with the most underdeveloped one as part of a continuous effort to support local farmers and strengthen the area’s economy.

Greek Flora

Greek flora is renowned for its wealth as it numbers over 6,500 varieties...
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